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Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 Creative Ways to Brighten Your Baby Girls Nursery _ IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

Decorating the nursery for your new arrival can be a fun time for expectant parents and it's important to make your little princess feel safe and sound in her new surroundings. There are many aspects of a nursery that need to come together to make it the special place where your new little one will sleep and play. Toys, curtains, colour scheme, a cute little duvet will help baby be at ease in her new space.
1. Colour Scheme - Who ever said colour has a gender?

This is what most will consider the defining point of the room when decorating the nursery.

Pink is the colour that is probably running through your head. Remember there are other colours out there that little girls will love, a light shade of purple or red, oranges and greens, any colour is an option! Remember that the colour of the walls will probably set the tone for the room and you will want it to match up with the curtains and other accessories.
2. The Cot Duvet - The Icing on the Cake

The Cot will most likely be the centerpiece of the room. There are lots of options here, custom-made or kitset, simple, or a set up fit for a princess. A ceiling suspended canopy can really make the room look stunning and give it that extra something. Beautiful bed linen is always important as well. High quality sheets as well as a silk cot duvet can make it that much more luxurious for your little one. A gorgeous cot duvet can be just as big an eye-catcher as the cot itself and make your cot really stand out.

3. Bits and Pieces to Finish the Nursery Off

There are all sorts of accessories that can make the nursery really come into its own. A beautiful set of drawers, mountains of soft toys, a hanging mobile piece to keep baby busy while she's drifting off are all things to keep in mind when planning your nursery. Another great idea is a wallpaper frieze, whether it be A B C's or 1 2 3's it can add that something extra. The frieze will allow you to have a contrast of colour styles above and below it. Stripes down the bottom and plain colour up the top. Simple ideas like these can make the room fun.
First and foremost make the experience of decorating with your partner fun and memorable. It won't be long until you're popping your little girl under her favourite duvet and putting her down for her beauty sleep.
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